Considerations in Buying a Voltmeter

A voltmeter is a very useful instrument you can have at home or in your car because it helps you determine the voltage in any circuit. It is a good idea to buy one if you work with electric circuits and batteries. Before you whip out your wallet and shop for a voltmeter, below are some things to consider.

  • Frequency of Usage. The first thing you should ask yourself is how often you expect to use a voltmeter. If it is something that you will be using once or twice a year, it would be a better idea to find a friend who can lend you one.
  • Type of Voltmeter. Decide whether you want an analog or a digital voltmeter. If you need precise voltage reading, a digital voltmeter is a better option. On the other hand, if cost is your priority then an analog type will be less expensive. Also, if you need a device that measures not just voltage but also resistance and electric current, look for a voltmeter that functions both as an ammeter and resistance meter.
  • Added Features. It can be easy to find a simple and straightforward voltmeter which shows you the voltage and nothing more. Nowadays, there are also lots of voltmeters available that have a variety of features like backlight, special probes, beeping sounds, and many others.
  • Price. The price range of voltmeters is very wide, ranging from as low as $5 to as high as $2000. Determine how much you are willing to budget for your purchase.

When buying a voltmeter, it is important to weigh the value and price of the device. If you are buying one which you expect to use more than once or twice, go for something that is easy to use, will last you a long time, and fits well into your budget.